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    Regele varicelor
    If you need doctors who have experience working with the most difficult cases
    using state-of-the-art ambulatory techniques,
    Tulkarem Clinic is place for you
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    The only dedicated clinic
    We have the most modern post-operative recovery wards, the best and newest equipment
    and a dedicated team that will take care of you so you will feel at home rather than in a hospital
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    compassion and attention

What disease we treat

  • Spider Veins

    Spider Veins are hormone-based, women being the main victims. At the beginning, they are isolated and appear on the exterior side of thighs and shanks, but in time... Details

  • Superficial thrombophlebitis

    Phlebitis means the inflammation of a vein. Thrombophlebitis is the term used when a vein thrombus determines a vein to become swollen. Superficial thrombophlebitis affects... Details

  • Varicose eczema

    Varicose eczema occurs on the nutrient free area of the shank tegument, where the reduction in the sebaceous and sudorific secretion reduces the defence capacity of the acid... Details

  • Stasis dermatitis

    The stasis dermatitis develops on the inferior extremities as a result of chronic oedema and vein failure. Early changes in the stasis ulcers... Details

  • Profound thrombophlebitis

    Thrombophlebitis consists of the total or partial obstruction of a vein due to intra-vascular clotting, with the inflammation of the vein wall. Because the main complication ... Details

Our clinic


Health should always come first and this is why we invite you to make an appointment. At your initial visit your treatment options will be discussed and the treatment procedures that are best for you will be explained.The price for one consultation is of 150 RON. Consultations are available from Monday to Saturday..


Why Tulkarem clinic?

We bring more than 27 years of experience long with 13 patented inventions which has kept us on the leading edge of our speciality and helped us to be one step ahead our competition. We have developed the only clinic dedicated solely to the treatment of varicose veins and vein related disorders based on the patients' needs. Our clinic only uses the newest and most modern technology for our ambulatory treatment techniques.

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27 years