Plantar paraphlebitic crown

It is a warning that should not be neglected to avoid becoming a more serious problem

Plantar paraphlebitic crown

Plantar paraphlebitic crown is a spider web. It occurs from the capillary dilatation of the arterial-vein teleangiectasy under internal retromaleolar, a sign of dilatation (failure) of the profound vein system.

It installs in the post-thrombosis system and is a sign of stasis dermatitis and stasis ulcers.

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Innovative doctors

Dr. In. Mohammad Abu Baker, one of the best known phlebology doctors in the world, owns several world-wide recognized inventions and has gathered a young team who learned from him and from other well-known personalities in the matter.

Latest equipments

Ultra-modern anaesthesia and laser surgery equipments, echo-dopplers. Long training sessions have been organized for our team for all the equipment, for the most professional interpretation and use.

We speak your language

More than 27 years of experience helps Dr. In. Mohammad Abu Baker understand how important is for patients to be treated as friends rather than just sick persons and this is why each patient is explained the procedures and diagnostic in a simple language.

The most modern clinic in Romania

Tulkarem phlebology clinic is the only DEDICATED clinic for varicose affections, being equipped with ultra-modern facilities in order to meet the most demanding patient’s demands. The facilities in the clinic are: parking space for patients, elevator for disabled persons, rooms for patients to be monitored, ultra-modern facilities to offer the best experience for you.