Stasis dermatitis

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Stasis dermatitis

This condition is a well-known complication of long term venous insuffiency. It is characterized by changes in the skin. The skin may appear reddened, shiny or in later stages may start to turn brown. Patients with long standing stasis dematisis often develop breakdown of the skin, so called, venous ulcers. In this case the most effective way to treat the venous insufficiency.

If left untreated and allowed to progress dramatic changes in the skin can occur that can greatly affect the health of the patient’s leg. Stasis dermatisis is uncommon before age 50 but can occur at an earlier age especially if there is significant problems with the deep veins in the leg or if the venous insufficiency has been present for many years.

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The clinic has only the most modern and up to date equipment including anaesthesia, lasers, and echo-doppler ultrasound imaging machines. Our team has had professional training on the use of all the technology.

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More than 27 years of experience as a doctor has taught Dr. In. Mohammad Abu Baker how important it is for a patient to be treated as a friend rather than just as sick person. The doctor gives every patient the time that he or she needs for an explanation about their condition and the proposed treatment in simple terms that they will understand.

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Tulkarem phlebology clinic is the most modern and largest clinic in Romania that is solely dedicated to the treatment of varicose veins and related disorders. The facility is equipped with ultra-modern equipment and furnishings in order to meet the needs of the most demanding patients and difficult cases and at the same time offer a pleasant homelike environment where patients and families can spend the night if necessary. The facilities in the clinic are: parking space for patients, elevator for disabled persons, rooms for patients to be monitored, ultra-modern facilities to offer the best experience for you.