Profound thrombophlebitis

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Profound thrombophlebitis

Thrombophlebitis consists of the total or partial obstruction of a vein due to intra-vascular clotting, with the inflammation of the vein wall.

Because the main complication is the embolism, it is included in the thromboembolism. The progress distinguishes an initial stage of phlebothrombosis, for a short period of time (5-6 days), when the clot slightly adheres to the vein wall, but features a clear trend for embolisms, and a subsequent stage of thrombophlebitis when the clot adheres to the wall, therefore causing fewer embolisms.

Profound thrombophlebitis is more complicated and comprises two stages:

  1. Pre-oedema stage, characterized by fever of approximately 38 °, tachycardia, exceeding the frequency corresponding to the temperature and anxiety; local signs, among which spontaneous pain at the shank level or muscles, walking difficulty or limping, pains at the back of the leg or pressure at local muscles. A slight infiltration of tissues can also be noted, with some increased local temperature, discreet cyanosis and, sometimes, the dilatation of superficial veins.

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Ultra-modern anaesthesia and laser surgery equipments, echo-dopplers. Long training sessions have been organized for our team for all the equipment, for the most professional interpretation and use.

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More than 27 years of experience helps Dr. In. Mohammad Abu Baker understand how important is for patients to be treated as friends rather than just sick persons and this is why each patient is explained the procedures and diagnostic in a simple language.

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Tulkarem phlebology clinic is the only DEDICATED clinic for varicose affections, being equipped with ultra-modern facilities in order to meet the most demanding patient’s demands. The facilities in the clinic are: parking space for patients, elevator for disabled persons, rooms for patients to be monitored, ultra-modern facilities to offer the best experience for you.