High profound thrombophlebitis

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High profound thrombophlebitis

High profound thrombophlebitis or the Martorell Syndrome consists in the thrombosis of the external iliac vein (as in the Cockett syndrome) but it develops a derivative, highly visible, super-pubic circulation. It may occur in the thrombosis of right sided iliac vein.

It is defined by the compression of the left sided iliac vein by varied aetiology. The main cause can be the compression of the left sided iliac vein by the primitive right sided iliac artery at the junction level, but the bone aetiology is also possible (hyperlordosis, compression by discale or bone protrusions), even endovenous (valves, clamps, partial membrane septum).

These conditions determine the occurrence of the acute iliac thrombosis followed by a severe and medical treatment-resistant post-phlebitis syndrome.

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